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Recycling Halifax

Halifax Waste Management’s truck mounted forklift ensures FASTER, SAFER and much more COST EFFECTIVE collections without disruption to your business.

Your Essential Benefits….

Self Loading to help free up your staff
Fully Capable Drivers & Operators
Set of bales without pallets
Routine pick-ups to help with your storage space
Competitive rates paid for wire tied factory size bales
Typical 30 bale load capacity
No disruption to your business
Our truck mounted forklift will remove your paper, cardboard and plastics whether palletised or in bales.


Halifax Waste Management’s sustainability services help companies reach corporate goals through innovative and customized reuse, recycling, or alternative use of unsalable goods, by-products, hazardous waste, and performance inventory.

Our sustainability services team provides you a comprehensive spectrum of waste disposal services. You will find various ways businesses can dispose of raw materials, goods, or inventory in ways that not only protect the surroundings, but additionally save money. As your sustainability partner and advocate for your environmental initiatives, the Halifax Waste Management sustainability services team provides first-class, customised service like no other waste services vendor.