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Cardboard Waste Recycling Halifax

Regardless of your business size, Halifax Waste Management provides a wide range of cardboard services to meet your needs. With a dedicated cardboard recycling service, you can save money on waste management by separating cardboard from general waste streams and minimizing trash going to landfill. With us, rather than being wasted, your cardboard waste is recycled to make new cardboard products. Contact us at  01422 580 140.

Every business is different in terms of size, physical structure, and so on. We will do an on-site evaluation and provide recommendations for the best potential collection solution. We can supply skilled employees to segregate the materials and required equipment to process and remove the materials from site, with a focus on zero waste to landfill. We can collect and treat a wide range of materials, including cardboard waste.

What is Cardboard Waste Recycling?

The cardboard recycling process consists of repurposing cardboard waste materials and integrating them into products. The first step in the recycling process is to collect recyclable materials. Recycled materials must be made into products by manufacturers, and recycled material products must be purchased by consumers.

We will meet with your company to establish a recycling program that meets the demands of your inhabitants and is appropriate for your structure. Some of the things we can assist you with are:

Collaboration: We collaborate with you to find a convenient place where recyclables can be collected.

Access: We’ll assist you in locating a suitable location outside the building where our trucks can readily collect your cardboard waste.

Material evaluation: We’ll evaluate the types of cardboard materials you’d like to recycle as well as the quantities you’d like to recycle.

Material Access: In addition to wheelie bins, under-desk recycling bins, standalone cardboard containers, outdoor all-weather containers, and huge outside containers, we can also provide you with a variety of equipment to collect business recyclables. For restaurants, fast-food chains, and big volume commercial consumers, on-site compactors can help save space and control costs.

We engage company managers, facilities managers, and tenants in a recycling program by providing them with education.

How is Cardboard Waste Recycled?

Most boxes are referred to as “cardboard,” whereas shipping boxes are referred to as “corrugated cardboard.” The corrugated portion is made out of an extra layer of fiber that zig-zags between the brown sheets, making it more difficult to break and more durable for shipment. Cereal boxes are made of paperboard, which is thinner and less robust. Despite the fact that they are both called cardboard, these are two different kinds of paper with differing commodity values. However different these materials are, they need to be dry to be recycled. 

Even though water is introduced throughout the paper recycling process, the fibers are manipulated when the paper is wet and dried (as a result, it feels stiffer). Wet paper is also more expensive for paper mills because of the additional water weight. Separating cardboard from other material, such as office paper and newspaper, is the first stage in recycling it. The cardboard is then baled and taken to a mill, where it is shredded into minute pieces and fed into a pulping machine, where water and chemicals are introduced to break down the cardboard into fibers. 

The ink and tape are then removed, and the paper fibres begin to fuse together. The fibres are then rolled and dried before being transported off to be used in new goods. Over half of corrugated cardboard is recycled into new corrugated cardboard, with the rest being downcycled into paperboard and other paper products.

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