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Clinical Waste Management Halifax

Among the many places where clinical waste management is needed to be properly disposed of are hospitals, medical practices, laboratories, veterinary facilities, military bases, as well as airports, hotels, cruise ships, and several others. If this sounds like you and you’re looking for an excellent waste management company, you can call us on 01422 580 140. 

We collect, transport, and securely dispose of your clinical waste on site. Providing recycling options is one of our responsibilities as an environmentally-conscious organization; we ensure that recyclables are sorted so landfills are not overburdened. Our service provides a cost-effective, efficient, and compliant option for the disposal of clinical waste, including sharps.

What is Clinical Waste?

The term clinical waste refers to waste arising from medical, dental, pharmaceutical, or skin penetration activities that have the potential to cause injury, infection, or offense, and which contains any of the following: human tissue, blood, or other bodily fluids (excluding hair, teeth, or nails). Just as with any other waste, clinical and healthcare wastes may be hazardous or non-hazardous, and they must be classified and analyzed accordingly. It is imperative to separate clinical and healthcare wastes from other wastes and dispose of them in special facilities; these facilities should be regulated, licensed, or exempt based on the risks they pose.

Our extensive selection of medical and clinical waste disposal services is designed to assist you in properly managing your waste while remaining fully compliant with current legislation. We make certain that your medical waste is collected, handled, and disposed of in the safest possible manner. We take pleasure in our clinical waste service and our long list of delighted customers. We intend to continue to improve and expand on this. Customers receive a detailed service schedule as well as a customer charter, which ensures our service and response times. Our operations include a significant amount of innovation. We collaborate with our customers to improve our service and provide more ecologically friendly and sanitary solutions for their businesses.

Clinical Waste Management Halifax

Clinical waste is divided into two categories: general, or non-hazardous, waste, and hazardous waste. Sharps, infectious, pharmacological, cytotoxic, pathological, radioactive, and chemical waste are all types of hazardous waste. The general waste, which is equivalent to household waste, accounts for the majority of medical waste (75-90%) and includes waste created by administrative, packing, food, and maintenance activities, whereas hazardous waste accounts for just 10 to 25%.

Clinical waste poses huge health concerns to persons and the environment, ranging from direct injury to humans from the disposal of discarded sharps to indirect injuries from medical waste-polluted land, water, and air. Sharp items, human tissues, and other infectious elements are found in medical waste, posing these concerns. These would be on the rise as a result of bad clinical waste management, and several serious health hazards have been linked to improper medical waste management in the past.

Clinical Waste Disposal Halifax

The most critical phase in the waste management chain is how we store it  since it defines the total amount of waste that will be treated and disposed of. To prevent medical waste from accumulating in wards, theatres, and other locations where it is generated, designated storage areas within each ward, as well as a central storage site for all wards within the health facility where it can be temporarily stored before being transported offsite, are required.

Clinical waste should be sorted and put into separate waste containers at the source, then stored in a secure location away from rats and unauthorized personnel for a maximum of 48 hours before being transported to a treatment or disposal site, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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