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Commercial Waste Management Todmorden

The town of Todmorden is located in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, England, and is a civil parish in the Upper Calder Valley. It is located in the north of England is Manchester, in the south is Burnley, and in the west is Halifax. Approximately 15,481 people lived there in 2011. In medieval times, it used to be a farming town with mills and woolen textile business. Maize and fulling mills have been irrigated with water from neighboring hills for hundreds of years. During the Industrial Revolution, industries and settlements converged in the valleys, and cotton became the fabric of choice for clothing so the town went from being a woolen manufacturing town to a cotton manufacturing town. 

Among the town’s prominent families was the Fielden family. Through the construction of multiple major mills, erection of numerous spectacular structures, and the transformation of social and educational conditions, they established a “dynasty” that changed the town forever. In today’s Todmorden, nestled on the Yorkshire/Lancashire border, there are stunning views of the Pennines, a thriving market, and amazing architecture. There is a lot of business activity in this town, from the typical cobblestone lanes lined with independent stores and cafes to the frequent markets that attract thousands of customers. Popular Pubs in the town centre include the Duke of York, the Wellington, the Royal George, the Golden Lion, and the White Hart (Wetherspoons). 

However, Todmorden is mainly a commuter town for Manchester, Oldham, Bolton, and Bradford residents. Open features, heritage, and the Pennine Way, which extends along the eastern side of the town, are all among the town’s appeals. It also offers easy access to Wadsworth Moor, Forest of Trawden, and Keighley Moor. To accommodate the businesses of Todmorden with their waste management needs, we offer bespoke commercial waste management services. From small to large businesses, we have all the tools needed to keep your waste at bay.Give us a call on 01422 580 140.

Commercial Waste Collection Todmorden

We provide a competent business waste collection service to our clients at Halifax Waste Environmental. We operate on a daily basis in Todmorden and the neighboring districts, as well as across West Yorkshire. After all, we’re a national corporation with a soft spot for local businesses. You don’t need to worry if you have employees around 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The majority of our work takes place in commercial buildings, premises, and offices where people are usually present. In our business, we aim to cause the least amount of disruption possible to your businesses operations. Our commercial waste collection staff is dedicated to helping our clients with their collection needs. This means we strive to be the best waste collection and management company around.

As part of our environmental policy, we have created a waste collection program that is suitable for all types of businesses. In addition, we are familiar with all company’s environmental practices requirements. We contribute to protecting the environment by helping businesses in Todmorden minimise their carbon footprint. When it comes to collecting commercial waste from your property, there is no easier solution than using Halifax Waste Environmental. We are committed to delivering excellent service to all our customers. We collect the following types of recyclable waste: 

  • Dry mixed recycling, 
  • Food recycling, 
  • Glass recycling, 
  • Plastic waste
  • Paper waste
  • Clinical waste
  • Hazardous waste

Commercial Waste Disposal Todmorden

A new world is emerging around us. In the past, landfills were considered to be the proper place for garbage disposal. With recycling and energy recovery, we are beginning to see that there are potentially valuable resources we all have the opportunity to recover. By converting commercial waste and recyclable materials into high-quality raw materials and renewable energy, we play a significant role in increasing the UK’s resource efficiency. Our mission at Halifax Waste Environmental is to create a world without waste, where reusing, reducing, recycling, and recovering are normal practices.

Using recycled products makes it unnecessary to keep using Earth’s most valuable raw resources. Additionally, recycling conserves energy, protects the environment, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, all of which contribute to the fight against climate change. Whether you’re a restaurant in Bridge Street, a construction company in Joshua Street or an office in Rochdale Road, we can collect and dispose of your waste any day. We can answer any questions you have about our commercial waste and waste disposal services. Give us a call on 01422 580 140. However, waste recycling for households is not one of our services. Therefore, households can take their waste to: 

Todmorden (Eastwood) Household Waste Recycling Centre

Eastwood Household Waste Recycling Site

Halifax Road


OL14 5RJ

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