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Plastic Waste Management Halifax

We offer a wide range of waste management services and comprehensive knowledge to both commercial and high volume companies that manufacture or use large amounts of recyclable materials such as plastic waste. Currently, we process tens of thousands of tons of recyclable materials. This large volume of materials enables us to provide you with the highest possible return for your materials. We can also gain admission into speciality recycling markets for all kinds of plastic. You can give us a call on 01422 580 140 for your own personal quote. 

Please get in touch with one of our knowledgeable staff right away. They’ll conduct a waste audit to be aware of how much waste you produce, as well as your predicted volume, and put together a comprehensive storage, collection, and recycling rebates program for you.

What is Plastic Waste Recycling?

Plastic waste recycling is one of the ways in which we make sure that plastic waste is eliminated or at least, reduced. When we talk of plastic waste, we mean the excess plastic that is always seen in our environment and the oceans. It is also a waste from our own commercial practises. Recycling this plastic waste comes with its own benefits. 

Plastic recycling:

  • Provides the sector with a long-term supply of raw materials.
  • Reduces the environmental impact of plastic-rich products, particularly carbon dioxide significantly.
  • Reduces the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills in the UK.
  • Avoids depletion of the world’s oil reserves
  • Produces less new, virgin polymers and uses less energy.
  • Reduces human effect on the environment through instilling the appropriate values and behaviors.

In the United Kingdom, the recycling of “post-commercial” industrial and agricultural films is widely established. However, the United Kingdom still has to expand its chemical recycling capacity, and the technology requires further investment and development before it can be used on a large scale.

How is Plastic Waste Managed?

There are several procedures and organizations involved in converting plastic recycling into new products. To recycle plastic, you must go through a series of steps.

These steps entail gathering, sorting, and recycling the plastic so that it can be used in new products:

Collection: Users drop plastic into a recycling container, which is then collected.

Sorting: facilities separate plastic from other materials and sort it into several categories.

Reprocessing: Plastic is then washed, powdered into flakes, heated, and extruded into new pellets during reprocessing. 

Plastic that is collected from your business and sent to one of our state-of-the-art Material Recovery Facilities (MRF), which classifies plastic by type and separates it from non-plastic, and/or a Plastic Recovery Facility (PRF), which separates plastic from non-plastic. Sorting equipment, such as an optical sorter, is used at these facilities to distinguish between different types of plastics. The plastic is then washed, shredded, and sorted again at a reprocessing facility. After that, the plastic is melted down and extruded into fresh recycled plastic pellets. Then these pellets can be melted and blown to new plastic jars and bottles.

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